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Forex Pamm Fund

FX Hedge Capital trades a range of automated systems in the foreign exchange markets (Forex). We trade foreign currency pairs for our Forex fund clients through the PAMM account structure. Percentage allocation money management, or PAMM, is a pooled money form of trading accounts. The regulated PAMM structure allows investors to allocate their money to money managers of their choice.

Trading Systems

FX Hedge Capital develops and trades automated systems in the Forex currency markets. We operate proprietary systems designed to be highly responsive to the intraday price action. We follow that price action with directional grid entry algorithms that deploy orders in zones of price. Our systems trade a wide range of currency pairs and time-frames to spread out portfolio risk through asymmetrical hedging methods.

Forex Brokers

FinPro Trading/Coinexx is a UK based Forex broker located in London who provides PAMM account services. FinPro trading was founded by several wall street traders who wanted to innovate the way retail Forex brokerage operates. FinPro trading has expanded their liquidity pool to 16 major teir 1 liquidity providers through FIX, offering the biggest pool of liquidity available for investors.

FX Hedge Capital Overview

Our new public PAMM system accounts FGS 1 & FGS 2 were launched in January of 2018.

  • The Forex Grid System is managed by 2 traders with over 35 years full-time trading experience and 2 programmers with over 20 years of full-time programming experience.
  • The Forex Grid System was designed for a very stable equity curve as the primary objective and high monthly returns as the secondary objective.
  • We utilize asymmetrical hedging between FGS 1 & FGS 2 system PAMM accounts for portfolio protection.
  • The combined system, made up of the FGS 1 & FGS 2 accounts, trades lower leverage spread across a range of FX pairs to achieve correlated hedging at all times.
  • We operate our automated Forex systems on ultra fast Google Fiber internet in the heart of the Austin, TX technology zone.

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